Thursday, October 22, 2009

Carson's 2nd Birthday Bash

So its official my little man is all grown up.. October 2 was his official birthday, and I must say for some reason it was a very emotional day. I did hold it together I must say!!!! On the 3rd of October we celebrated his birthday with friends and family.

We rented out a bounce house from this place called Patterson's which is up the street from our house. That morning I woke up to RAIN... I was so upset and bummed that there was a chance of Carson getting his bounce house. As the morning went on the rain settled and the sun came out!!! I was sooo happy I thought to myself "YES YES YES" It turned out to be a great day, Washington is so up and down when it come to weather so it was a toss of a coin.

Carson ended up having sooo much fun, there were times I just sat back and watched him and really appreciated him in that moment. I love him more than I have ever loved anyone, I live for him. I took alot of pictures but here are a few.. I know I know once again im late at this but hey Im doing it now!!!

Carson made out with tons of gift.. I didnt reliaze we invited so many people :)

This is the only picture where he sat with me opening stuff.. :)