Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Feeding the Ducks :)

Carson saying hellooo...... So... time has passed and yes I am very lazy when it comes to our family blog. Here I am... :)

So there has been so much busy stuff going on, time for an update. Carson is now almost 18 months. Goes in for his 18 month check up on April 3rd. They will then tell me how big Carson really is. lol He is so much fun, BUT, he is getting into the whole throwing himself on the floor if he does not get what he wants. OH MAN!! He does amaze Justin and I everyday. It's almost sad to see him so big, I wonder where the time has gone.

So Carson has a new favorite hobby he loves seeing birds, ducks and any kind of animal you can imagine. He can imitate a bird and dog quite well, he is so funny. Taking him to the park seemed like a wonderful idea, which it was. All he did was follow them around flapping his arms. I gave him some bread thinking he would throw it, but all he did was keep it in his hands, which in turn gave him a pretty big crowd of ducks around him, which made me nervous. I acutally think he started to eat the bread. Anyways I went with one of my good friends Sascha and our friend Britt, who is due to deliver any day and her son Greggory. It was alot of fun, but leaving the park was another adventure. I think Carson screamed all the way home. WONDERFUL!! Sascha and I, it was quite cold this day,but the sun was out. lol

Here is Carson walking along side Sascha trying to get to the birdsAll he did was point and laugh

Come here duckies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love this little man

Greggory and Carson feeding the ducks