Sunday, September 13, 2009

BBQ play date with the Kiddo's

Today we had people over to watch the seahawks game, Carson had all his friends come over to play. All day they ran around the house, played in Carson's room and chased each other outside. It is cute to see Carson interact with all his friends, I can really tell he enjoys the company. It is nice having friends with kids Carson's age.

Carson, Kaylee, Haily, Mia and baby Jacob, I love them all!!! I took tons of pictures but here are a couple that are my favorite. Enjoy!!!! Eating together... this was a fun thing to watch
They are were looking at baby Jacob.. so cute Carson and Mia running running running

what is it with babies and dirt????????

Carson making sure Jacob is ok
Love this picture

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Our New Home!!!!!

On August 19th, We finally got the keys to our new home!!!!! Actually the story is I went and stalked the house and found keys under the mat and thought "hey there mine anyways and took them" lol.. I could not help it.

Its taken some time but I can say we are officially moved in with some miscellaneous stuff still to put away. There isn't a better feeling then knowing something is all yours. I love everything about it and for our first house its perfect. The best part is Carson LOVES IT!!! I love watching him play and run and have a space all to his own. (his room is huge!!!) I cant wait to see what the next chapter in our life will take us.
Carson is sooo cute...
Kaylee came over and played in his room, it was sooo cute!!!! Carson loves his friends coming over
Our yard is huge, Justin has a mission when it comes to mowing the lawn!!!!
Run Carson Run
Such a funny boy
More pictures to come!!!!!!!

Justin's 10 Year Reunion

Towards the end of August, Justin had his ten year reunion, it was crazy to see all the people that attended, maybe because I came from a small school that probably had 30 alone just in my senior class. This is the first one I have ever attended so it was interesting to see everyone together again. I swear I only seen Justin 4 times the whole night, if he ever made the comment "Just going to the bathroom, I knew I wasn't going to see him for a while :).

I cant tell you how many people wanted to meet me because I was "Justin Fagering's Wife" I must have had 6 girls say that Justin was there high school crush lol. It was funny and left me speechless lol. Over all it was such a fun night, Justin still hangs out with all his close friends from school. Mine I think is next year and I cant believe it!!!!! Man we are getting old!!!!!!!