Friday, August 7, 2009

Bicycle Adventure

OK so Justin has been on this bicycle kick since the beginning of summer, its all he has talked about!!! LITERALLY! One day we were out looking at bikes and go figure we left buying two of them LOL. After that day he was already looking for a bike trailer for Carson, after a couple days of looking I come home to one in our living room. I have never seen Justin so excited all I could do was laugh. This was Carson's first bike adventure, we weren't sure how he would take it but he ended up loving it. He looked so cute in his helmet, he looked like such a big boy.

Justin did feel the after math of having extra weight tagged on to his bike, hahahaha it was great!! Justin thought he was soooo cool :)

Such a big boy

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Water Fun in the Sun

Last night I made a promise to myself that I will keep up with this website, so here I am. I know I have missed alot of things we have done but I just figure I will start off new.

This summer has been a hot one, I feel honored to be apart of the hottest days in Washington, even my cousins in Ohio called me to tell me that our state was on the news :) I have been trying to keep Carson cool and in some sort of water. We have taken him to the pool, parks our parents house for some sprinkler action lol. Here are a couple cute pictures that I took of Carson and Mia.
They had so much fun and Carson laughed the whole day, It was so cute I took like 100 pictures but dont worry Ill only post a few. So enjoy

I love this picture top and bottom of them...

Typical Carson trying to drink everything he sees
I love them together so cute.....
Carson was trying to push Mia around on her bike
After a long day they cooled off with some yummy popsicles
He would let mom have any :(