Monday, November 17, 2008

Play Date With Daddy's Hat

The other night, Carson got a hold of Justin's favorite Nike hat and it was all over from there. First I just put it on his head and he would just rip it off, I began noticed he got more and more excited. He would run over to me hand me the hat and pat his head, showing me to put it back on. He would stand in front of me almost tap dancing in excitement, breathing hard almost snorting. So I amused him and kept placing the hat on his head.

The more I did it the more he started running around with the hat over his eyes screaming. I couldn't stop laughing which made him laugh harder. I thought for sure an accident was waiting to happen because he was running around with the hat pulled over his eyes, but to my surprise it was like to knew.

Sunday, November 16, 2008 much fun

So .......I have to share some bath time pictures, because he is so cute. Carson LOVES bath time, unless he is really tired. I usually put him outside the tub until I start to run the water, he gets so excited. As much fun as it is for me to watch him its starting to become quite the clean up! Before it was just him sitting and playing, but now it's sitting SPLASHING, and running in the tub, oh and did I mention throwing toys??

We got him these foam alphabet things for the tub and he loves tearing them from the walls and eating them (go figure). We put a C on his head and he just laughed and laughed and laughed.

I love watching him have so much fun

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Meeting Baby Kortney

Last weekend Justin and I took Carson to Tyler and Katie's to meet baby Kortney. She was so cute and little. I couldn't remember Carson being that small, but then again he was a big baby. It was almost like I forgot how to hold her, we are so use to just tossing Carson around. I could not get enough of her, it made me realize just how fast time goes. We cant wait to see her again :)

Carson was so excited to see the baby, he kept coming up petting her head and running away.
This was the only time she was awake, most the time she was sleeping. She is so cute!!!!
Carson checking her out

Hilary and Katie

Tyler and Katie also have a 2 year old son Trenton, who is so stinkin cute, and Carson loves playing with him.

He loves being a big brother, look at that face!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Halloween Pics :)

Carson and his friend Mia took Halloween pictures together this year. They have grown up together since they were new in the crib. Its so nice to have someones Carson's age to play with, and now they are both walking its so much fun to watch them together. Mia gives Carson hugs and kisses and Carson gives her hard pats on the head lol.

This is my favorite picture of Carson (above), We entered him in the cute baby contest for Kube 93. Voting starts the 17th so expect an email from us asking you to vote :)

We love little Mia...

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!!

I am finally close to being up to date with this :) I must say Carson was so stinking cute in his costume this year. He did get alot of use, we ended up taking him to so many different events. He had so much fun with other kids. I have mixed and matched from Halloween night and others.

I love this picture grandpa was so excited.... I think more than Carson

We went to Grandpa's because he was all alone and Carson wanted to trick or treat with him for a bit

Carson with Jack!!! ( Grandpa Fagering)
Our little monkey

Carson got so much candy it is sick. Carson cant eat it so that means mom and dad to the rescue to eat what he cant. BLAH. Everyone thought he was just so cute they would give him hand full of candy times 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Pumpkin Patch Time

We took Carson to a pumpkin patch out in Orting. We had alot of fun, Carson couldn't get enough of the pumpkins. I think he was more interested in trying to follow every single family that passed him. To be honest, this was the first pumpkin patch I have ever gone to. Here are a few pictures that I took, if I were to post all of them it would be too many. I was a little Camera happy!!!!

I think I loved sitting on this cow more than Justin and Carson.

Justin tried so hard to get Carson to hold a pumpkin for pictures but all he wanted to do was put the stem in his mouth, this was the only good one we got :)
They had a really cool pumpkin house

These are some of my favorite pictures :)

I cant wait to do this again next year...

Carson's 1year pictures

Check out Carson!!!! I had went to Babies R' Us to find out that he gets a free 8x10, I was all over that. They ended up emailing me the rest of his pictures, which we were so excited about. I love our little man, he is a little male model. ENJOY